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Proven in the field for nearly 20 years

AuSuM Systems™ is a field-tested solution that has been in use by auditors and inspection agents in the field for nearly 20 years, processing more than 11 million audits and surveys to date.

The framework of the AuSuM Systems™ platform was designed by experienced audit professionals and helped revolutionize how audits were conducted utilizing the web, improving overall audit quality, reducing bottom-line costs, and transforming companies' operations. This basis provided the means to expand the suite of products to include surveys, inspections, risk management, and the plethora of other capabilities described herein.

The AuSuM Systems™ solution is fully supported by a team of specialists from the moment planning begins throughout its deployment. Because our experts understand your industry and the nuances of your requirements, you can be confident that our technology will deliver all that your business needs and more.

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