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OSHA Inspection

Create and enforce compliance protocols for job safety and health standards

Keeping your organization in compliance with OSHA™ regulations will always be challenging; however, with AuSuM Systems™ and its Survey and Risk Assessment Management System, or SaRA™, that task becomes less burdensome.

SaRA™ allows compliance officers to build assessment tools and workflows for a wide range of inspections and customize them by site location, making it simple for field personnel to gather the right data even in the most remote locations quickly and consistently.

With a robust set of functions, such as Auto Assignment, Auto Scheduling and Geodecoding, safety managers can routinely audit and monitor job-related injuries and illnesses and quickly evaluate compliance on a facility-by-facility basis. The tool also helps support all reporting and record-keeping requirements as outlined in the law.

Through SaRA™ and the supporting AuSuM™ features, managers can quickly and confidently assess risks to the organization and improve health and safety standards across all workplaces.

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