Survey and Risk Assessment™

Survey and Risk Assessment™, or SaRA™, from AuSuM Systems™ dramatically improves your surveying operations and helps reduce the number of errors and inconsistencies made in the field.

SaRA™ supports anyone performing Risk Management Analyses, Safety Inspections, Underwriting Evaluations, Facility Inspections, and Claims Verifications with a flexible management system providing unmatched work flow, as well as unparalleled reporting and statistical analysis.

SaRA™ reduces the administrative workload normally associated with managing surveys by seamlessly integrating the whole process within an electronic web-based system.

With SaRA™, the entire survey process is automated online, providing the whole team with better tools, around-the-clock access to information, and greater resources ™ all at their fingertips. The result: reduced busy work, decreased turnaround time, greater productivity, and greater probability of compliance.

SaRA™ is completely customizable so that if you inspect anything or send field staff to look at anything SaRA™ can be adapted to work for your business needs.

SaRA™ enables management and business users to create better reports and value added services for customers, while making it easier for field staff to complete reports.

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