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Leader in on-site auditing and risk assessment

AuSuM Systems™ offers one of the most advanced technology solutions available on the market today for companies that perform on-site audits or inspections to assess risk, verify claims or manage assets dispersed over multiple facilities or territories.

Fully integrated and web-based, the AuSuM™ suite of products allows organizations to customize its rich set of features and functionality to meet their specific business requirements. The AuSuM™ suite of products also provides users with everything they need while in the field to execute tasks efficiently and submit results in minutes.

With AuSuM™, you control the entire auditing process and user experience. You define the optimal workflows, you create audit content and you control the building out of metrics and reporting tools to effectively monitor the process and mine out critical business intelligence – all in real time.

Our "team" of PAM™, SARA™, Ashley™ and Audrey™ provides all the support your staff will need to improve survey and audit quality, reduce labor hours and increase productivity for your entire operation.